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To us, audio and visual media will go beyond what the humankind is used to. We provide a unique approach based on dimensions that the human eye does not know.

We invent, redevelop, achieve and surprise – all for our customers.


Our projects tend to overcome what you might have seen in this industry so far. We do not copy anyone. We do not redesign known ideas. Instead, we create. We design everything from scratch with brand new quality standards.


We initially discuss with our customers, find out more about them, their businesses and projects. We try to get into their minds and understand what they want to get. From that point on, we create a top notch project that will blow their minds.


Two projects are never alike. While some of them might seem similar, we approach each project with a different vision and try to create something that no one has seen before. So far, we have done an excellent job at innovating.


Many of our projects have gone viral in terms of design. Why? Easy! Like we said before, we like to create from scratch and come up with unknown dimensions. Our final results will pleasantly surprise your eye.


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Latest News and Articles

Acknowledge The Method Of CBD Extraction Before Consuming It

There is confusion among people regarding CBD and THC as most of them believe that both of them are psychoactive. In reality, Cannabidiol contains a high percentage of CBD and has THC in traces thus it is safe even for patients to vape and get complete relief in case of any medical condition. If you want to purchase excellent quality CBD oil and CBD gummies for your loved ones to treat their medical condition, simply click here.

Is the method of Cannabidiol separation from the hemp plant safe?

CBD oil is a naturally occurring substance and it doesn’t contain any synthetic substances. There are three methods which are used to extract CBD oil viz. CO2, steam distillation, oil, and ethanol method. All these methods are safe and they provide a high concentration of CBD and THC is present in trace amount.

CO2 extraction

In this method, carbon dioxide is used for the separation of CBD from the hemp plant. Carbon dioxide which is used in this process contains the property of gas as well as liquid. The main property of this method is that different chambers are used to provide highly pressurized CO2 at a relatively low temperature.

Initially, one of the chambers contains CO2 at high pressure while the other has a hemp plant. Then CO2 is introduced in the second chamber, this causes the breaking of hemp plant resulting in the release of CBD oil. Then the oil and CO2 is pumped inside the third chamber, during this procedure the gas evaporates leaving the oil behind. Through this method, nearly 92% of CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant.

Steam distillation method

In this method, primarily stem is used to separate CBD oil from the hemp plant which is placed inside a flask which has inlet as well as outlet. The outlet of the flask has a condenser tube whereas the inlet has a connection to another container which is below the flask and has boiling water.

Due to boiling water, the stem starts to get inside the plant flask; this process separates oil from the hemp plant initially in the form of vapors. These vapors are condensed inside the tube into water and oil. After the collection of water and oil mixture, the process of distillation is employed to separate both of them.

Both these processes are considered very effective since they do not contain chlorophyll or plant residue. Thus, you will get 100% pure CBD oil.

Processing after extraction

To get pure CBD, the oil is further crystallized so that even minute quantities of THC and plant residues can be removed. After this, the oil is used to design different products of CBD viz. vapes, tinctures, gummies, sprays, pills, capsules cream and topical lotions. In case, you want to enhance the effect of CBD vaping then you can use it with several other herbs like lavender, basil, etc. People also prefer to use pure Cannabidiol with coconut oil as it increases its benefits when vaped or consumed in any other form.